Thalasso-Tonic Pool

At the core of the thalasso program is the Thalasso-Tonic Pool, a large seawater facility covering an area of 750 square meters. Containing 830m3 of sea water, the Pool is sub-divided into a number of distinct zones, of water jets currents and counter-currents, showers and bubbling baths, each designed to provide comfort and to regenerate and tone a specific part of your body. All the sections of the pool are designed to improve blood circulation, muscle tone and cardiovascular development. Despite the physical effort involved, the overall feeling, thanks to the seawater, is one of relaxation.

Children between the ages of 12 and 16 must be escorted by an adult. Children less than 12 years are not allowed.

Aquatonic Pool Map
  1. Walking corridor with jets from ankles to hips
  2. Geysens for sole of feet
  3. Walking corridor with jets from thighs to waist
  4. Seating jets for lower back
  5. Legs Area
  6. Hips Area
  7. Neck Area
  8. Bubble bath with jets
  9. Seating jets for back
  10. Aquachairs
  11. Counter-current walkway 90 cms
  12. Bubble bath with jets
  13. Counter-current walkway 110 cms
  14. Low pressure geysens for sole of feet
  15. Exercise pool with jets